Location & Price Range

Most popular locations for real estate investment opportunities in Greece

Price Range / Locations

Prices per square meter (m²), as evaluated by the market research of our real estate experts, depend on the location, condition, floor, age, access to amenities, public transport, potential rental return rates and overall features of the properties, hence the range, which does not include special or unique type of properties/locations.

Greek Islands

For those with an appreciation for natural, beautiful scenery and with the choice of thousands of islands to pick from, your dream location is waiting to be discovered.

Distinctive architecture subtly alluding to the blue and white palette of the Greek flag and stone lined passageways all contribute to a picturesque setting ready to be explored and enjoyed.

With weather conditions being mild, locals populate the Greek islands all year round, making them a safe destination, with amenities within walking distance and ferries and airplane routes constantly available.

Key Features:
Popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini offer exclusive properties and are able to provide even greater revenues than properties in Central Athens.
Less touristic islands such as in the Ionian Sea are ideal for families and for individuals valuing a quiet and less crowded destination.
Types of properties include mainly detached houses, ranging from small cottages to seaside villas often on a large plot of land with a private garden and/or pool.
Range of prices per sqm: 1.200€-15.000€

Southern Suburbs

The Southern suburbs of Athens are a cosmopolitan destination, popular amongst international jet setters and luxury lifestyle aficionados.

Luxury lifestyle markets such as the famous street of Glyfada, combine Designer clothing and accessories boutiques with independent fashion houses offering a unique shopping experience catering to all budgets and tastes. Speaking of taste, the South of Athens is known for restaurants by the seaside, focusing on traditional, freshly caught, local seafood dishes as well as International menus.

Beaches, decorate the Athenian coastline with wonderful swimming and lounging destinations, especially near Glyfada, Voula, Varkiza and Vouliagmeni where we offer many property options away from the beach.

Key Features:
Very popular destination for long-term lettings as it is part of the Athens Riviera.
New developments are easier to come by in the South of Athens than in the centre, while there are properties in older buildings too for investors looking for value for money opportunities. Types of properties are mainly apartments, maisonettes and a little more likely to include detached houses, often with a pool.
Range of prices per sqm: 1500€ – 7000€

Northren Suburbs

The Northern Suburbs of Athens are arguably the most value for money destination right now as their prestige is dynamically bouncing back from a decade long recession and investors are able to find high quality properties at a reasonable price and very promising re-sale options.

Ample in space, the Northern suburbs are rich in amenities such as shopping malls and parks while being close to Athens International Airport. Enjoy a day out in one of the outdoor cafes in Kifissia, rooftop bars in Nea Erithrea or simply a stroll in the fresh air in one of the tranquil squares of Psychiko.

Key Features:
Ideal for families as it is the area with the most International Schools and it is easier to find cheaper, larger houses with more rooms, privacy and outdoor space.
Types of properties include apartments, maisonettes, as well as detached houses, often on a large plot of land.
Range of prices per sqm 1300€ – 4000€

Center of Athens

The centre of Athens is a highly sought after destination in Greece by tourists and locals alike, buzzing with cultural events and diverse entertainment options.

Contemporary Art galleries, Historical Museums and Archaeological sites set the tone for a tour in the Athenian Art scene throughout the centuries, while traditional music venues, summer festivals and vibrant nightclubs welcome visitors from all over the world who want to explore the many genres of Greek entertainment.

Key Features:
High rental rates and the most demand for short-term lettings compared to any other area in Athens.
Historical architecture that has been preserved; often old buildings with a renovated interior. Types of properties are mainly apartments with very few detached houses.
Range of prices per sqm 1800€ – 6000€ depending on the Location, Construction year and type.