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As a specialised company for Golden Visa Investments, we have developed a selection of services that help investors with every aspect of investing in Greece

Why invest in Greece

The possibility of obtaining a long-term residence permit in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries has long been appreciated

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The entire process of obtaining a residence permit including all the necessary assistance required for the purchase of a property in Greece for a permanent European Residence Permit

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Permanent Residency in Greece

Get in touch with Asan Golden Visa for a consultation and an in-depth case analysis. Our Local Consultant and Legal team will provide you with all the necessary information about your case and details regarding our Consultancy agreement.

Get ready for your first trip to Greece’s capital city, Athens. We will guide you through the maze of paperwork and show you the best available properties in town. It all begins with booking your flight.

While you enjoy Athens’ magical scenery, we will tie any loose ends and handle the paperwork. Opening a bank account and issuing a temporary Residence Permit is a necessary step to complete the financial part of the project.

Your Permanent Residency Application is submitted! A residence permit is an authorization issued by the Ministry of Migration Policy for the legal residence within Greek territory of non-EU/EEA citizens. Return to Athens for your biometric data submission and to finalize your paperwork.

Enjoy traveling through Europe, visa-free!

Choose your destination from any country in the Schengen zone.