Issue a Golden Visa

We have developed a fast and flexible process for our executive clients who
wish to acquire a Golden Visa in Greece within approximately 6 weeks.

Preparing for your Application

Get in touch with Asan Golden Visa for an interview and an in-depth case analysis. Our Local Consultant and Legal team will provide you with all the necessary information about your case and details regarding our Consultancy agreement.

Get ready for your first trip to Greece’s capital city, Athens. We will guide you through the maze of paperwork and show you the best available properties in town. You are ready to book your flight!

Acquiring & Financing your Investment

While you enjoy Athens’ magical scenery, we will be tying any loose ends and taking care of the paperwork. Opening a bank account and issuing a temporary RP is a necessary step to complete the financing part of the project.

Obtaining your Residence Permit

Your Permanent Residency Application is submitted! A residence permit is an authorisation issued by the Ministry of Migration Policy for the legal residence within Greek territory of non-EU/EEA citizens. Return to Athens for additional information and biometric data submission.

You are soon to be granted a Golden Visa

Program Participants

Program participants are eligible to apply for a long-term residence permit after 5 years of residence in the country. To receive it, they must have sufficient income.

Be insured in Greece; reside permanently in the country for more than 5 years legally (periods of absence should not exceed 6 months in a row or 9 months in total within a 5-year period); integrate into Greek society.